14 Best Coworking Spaces in Helsinki

14 Best Coworking Spaces in Helsinki



Helsinki is known as one of the up-and-coming startup centers of the world and the center for some of Europe’s most successful startups. And because nothing says successful entrepreneur ecosystem like a growing number of coworking spaces, in this article we’ll list the 14 best ones for you to visit in the Finnish capital.

1. Maria 01 - Not a Hospital

Maria Hospital was first a clinic specialized in treating epidemic diseases, which explains the playful “Not a Hospital” greeting you will find above the entrance to the Building One. There are five buildings in total and it is currently the home to 120 startups and 12 VC funds, with plans for further expansion to become Europe’s biggest startup hub. In short: it is more than a simple coworking space. Maria 01 is a true network of 1000 entrepreneurs and financiers. It acts as headquarters for the Finnish startup world, which means you’ll find every resource you need under one roof, from community programs and parties to printing stations, a gym and a restaurant.

  • Membership price: Three plans, but you need to contact them to get a quote.
  • Perks: Aside from being in the heart of the Finnish startup world? The upcoming sauna sounds pretty good!
  • Best for: Everyone, really. It’s hard to think of a reason why you wouldn’t want to set up shop at Maria 01.

2. Startup Sauna - Still Fired Up

There had been rumors that Startup Sauna had closed its doors back in 2018. The confusion was due to the fact that they had stopped their accelerator program. But the 1500 square meters of coworking space itself is still very much alive, and still run by Aalto Entrepreneurship Society. The student programme focusing on entrepreneurship and startups was the home of 50% of all active Finish startups started at universities, and was named a Top 5 Rising star by MIT in 2018.

  • Membership price: None! Startup Sauna is open to everyone.
  • Perks: Access to founder talks, pitching competitions, hackathons and BBQs, plus nearly 100 events a year related to startups and entrepreneurship.
  • Best for: Early stage startups or solopreneurs looking for a good starting space.

3. Helsinki Think Company - Join The Think Family

Another university-based location, this one from the University of Helsinki. Their shared goal: to create an impact in society by combating big, real-world problems. But the real takeaway with the Helsinki Think Company is that they are a family and community, just centered around a particular location. This is reflected in their open-door policy. You don’t need a business idea to join. You don’t need to pay. You only need to bring your enthusiasm and curiosity. If it’s centered around trying to solve sustainability problems, all the better. But they won’t kick you out if you just want to use the coworking space to feel connected to a vibrant startup community.

  • Membership price: Free. It’s open to everyone. Go try it out yourself!
  • Perks: Besides meeting like-minded individuals, you can book the space for meetings and attend or host open events.
  • Best for: Anyone curious about entrepreneurship, innovation and the Finnish startup scene.

4. Terkko Health Hub - For Health & Life Sciences Startups

The headquarters for the Health & Life Sciences Entrepreneurship combines a startup community, co-working area, and event space. And yes, it’s focused on health and life sciences, and based in the heart of the Helsinki medical campus. While not just reserved for startups, Terkko is a great place to mingle with health practitioners, researchers, and fellow entrepreneurs in the healthcare niche. Best of all, it has three flexible membership prices, including a free one for access to an open area table.

  • Membership price: Free for an open area table, 105€ for community membership, and 300€ to 600€ a month for a whole team
  • Perks: For the paid plans, printing services, postal address, community kitchen, etc…
  • Best for: Startups in the healthcare niche

5. The Shortcut - Accelerating Talent


The Shortcut is mainly a talent accelerator. That is to say, they help people acquire new skills before they enter the tech world. It’s a nonprofit part of the Startup Foundation which works with Maria 01, Slush and Wave Ventures, amongst others. Their shared coworking space is actually within the Maria 01 campus, and it’s called the Shortcut Lab, a community training center where you can work, share ideas, network, or just daydream alongside like-minded people.

  • Membership price: You need to get involved to find out.
  • Perks: Workshops, networking opportunities, employment opportunities.
  • Best for: Entrepreneurs who are not yet startup founders.

6. Arcade 5 - The game Dev Space

Photo by Arcade 5

Arcade 5 is run by Helsinki Games Capital, an NGO dedicated to boosting game development. It is another coworking space located within the Maria 01 campus. It comprises of a large arena with 240 square meters of office space, an open kitchen and catering services.

  • Membership price: Not publicly available. Get in touch with them to find out.
  • Perks: Events, office space, collaboration opportunities.
  • Best for: Game developers, of course.

7. Innovation House - Home of Ideas

Found in both Helsinki and Singapore, Innovation House prides itself on the quality of its members and its facilities. Every building is well equipped, with free Wifi, cleaning and security, and even community managers who are there to help you with anything you need. The range of current member companies is wide and varied, with established startups focused on anything from esports to tax and legal consulting.

  • Membership price: 150€ a month for solo members, 650€ for team rooms
  • Perks: Meeting rooms, professional address, showroom and a lot more...
  • Best for: Established startups, but really other businesses seem welcome too.

8. Epicenter - The Startup Powerhouse

Epicenter, whose offices are found all over Northern Europe in cities such as Stockholm, Amsterdam, and Oslo, puts a strong emphasis on functionality and luxury. They probably cater to more established startups and corporations rather than pre-funding startups, but their memberships are flexible enough that there is something for everyone. The biggest perk is that you have access to all the events around the world, including thought leader master classes, founder story sessions, parties, seminars, and even wellness programs.

  • Membership price: A wide offer a wide range of memberships, for those who want to show up and network (250 €a month), all the way to full-on studios for teams of up to 12 (550€).
  • Perks: Hotel and restaurant discounts, conference room access (2 hours per month with the lowest membership), access to all events.
  • Best for: Their memberships are on the pricier end of the spectrum, so probably established startups

9. MOW - Mothership and Supernova

Two sci-fi inspired names for two beautiful coworking spaces in Helsinki and Tampere. The Mothership, which is found in the MOW coworking space in the Finnish capital, is spread over six floors, and the space is beautifully designed. At MOW, you’ll find a restaurant with allegedly some of the best dumplings in town, a sauna, of course, and a vibrant courtyard with a garden. There is a nap room, silent working spaces for those who need to recharge, and a large arena specifically created for meetings and encounters.

  • Membership price: Hot desk for 250€ a month, Fixed desk for 380€, and Private rooms from 580€.
  • Perks: Events, parties, Pelago bikes, meeting rooms, printing and mail service, depending on the membership..
  • Best for: No real niche, any startup is welcome.

10. Sofia - Future Farming in the City


Sofia is known in Helsinki for its farm-to-table restaurants and holistic approach to wellbeing. It’s a space designed to our relationship with food through their Sofia Bistro, Sofia Gastro, Sofia Wine, and Future Farm. But they also have coworking spaces! There are four kinds of memberships that will let you access some of the stunning offices with complete flexibility. You can also use your membership as a starting point to attend events at all the Sofia venues, and even book them yourself.

  • Membership price: Day pass for 20€, Club Membership for 250€ a month, Atelier membership for 350€ a month (solo or teams), and Studio Memberships for private offices.
  • Perks: Access to Sofia talks, music events, 20% at a restaurant and 30% at the nearby Allas Sea Pool.
  • Best for: No real niche, any startup is welcome.

11. Wonderland - Work, Eat, Drink


A new creative coworking space in Vallila, Wonderland has two floors of desks, meeting rooms and shared facilities. As their “Work, eat, drink” tagline suggests, there is also a cafe, tearoom, and restaurant. All memberships include soundproofed phone booths, showers, and locker rooms, IT support, printing and access to meeting rooms. And of course, access to a space designed to foster creativity.

  • Membership price: Day pass for 18€, 145€ for 10 days, monthly starts at 219€ for a hot seat, and 249€ for a fixed seat. Private rooms cost 890€ per month.
  • Perks: Animal-friendly, yoga, Waffle Wednesday (talks + waffles), and access to other events.
  • Best for: Entrepreneurs in the creative niche, media people.

12. UMA - Inspirational Offices

UMA, which is owned by the Technopolis office rental company, focuses on simplifying coworking with flexible memberships and facilities sharing. Their network of offices is found all across the Nordics, including in Stockholm, Copenhagen, and Oslo along with their Kalasatama district location in Helsinki. They have a pretty broad mission of transforming the nature of work, by creating inspirational offices. The ambitions of UMA and Technopolis are clearly targeted at larger corporate companies who want to experiment with more flexible working methods, but their prices are pretty affordable for everyone.

  • Membership price: Day passes cost 25€, monthly starts at 190€. Personal workstations cost 290€ a month, and large teams can buy access from 162€ per month per member. You can also claim a free day pass to see if it works for you by clicking the link here.
  • Perks: Meeting rooms, print, and copy, coffee and tea, phone booths, the usual.
  • Best for: UMA is aimed at “mature corporate users”, but everyone is welcome.

13. Mesta - Cozy Coworking

[caption id="attachment_1287" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]


An unassuming and cozy coworking space with affordable prices, Mesta’s mission is to bring the office “close to home” with their facilities in Herttoniemi. What sets them apart from other coworking spaces on this list is their affordable prices and flexible memberships.

  • Membership price: Day passes cost 13 to 16€ depending on location. 10 passes is 115- to 10€. Monthly memberships are 125 - 160€ for a hot sea, or 205 - 260€ for a fixed desk.
  • Perks: Tea and coffee, 24/7 access, printing, meeting room.
  • Best for: solo workers who need an affordable option.

14. Spaceworks - All About Location


Spaceworks is located in the iconic Post Office house, which means access to all the best restaurants and cafes Helsinki has to offer. You get a wide range of offices and facilities for you to work with complete flexibility. You can use a small desk, move to a private room for client meetings, and use the phone booths for private calls. For meeting new people and networking, you also have access to the Business Club, a beautiful shared space designed for creating connections.

  • Membership price: 220€ to 375€ a month
  • Perks: Community events, mail handling, customizable rental programs.
  • Best for: Nothing business-specific, but the central location is hard to beat.

Even More Helsinki Coworking Spaces - Honourable mentions

If our selection above did not suffice, do not worry. There is more! New coworking spaces seem to pop up on a daily basis in the Finnish capital, so keep an eye out for new openings. For more options than the ones found in this list, you can also check out:

Hope this will help you find the ideal coworking space in Helsinki! For more co-working spaces, check out also our listing of the top 15 coworking spaces in Stockholm.