Introducing ATS integrations and Improved Startup Pages

Introducing ATS integrations and Improved Startup Pages



At The Hub, we’re continually striving to bring the best user experience to all our users. Last September, we already redesigned the whole platform with a new brand, new user interface, and new applicant management boards. Thank you for all your feedback - and keep it coming through this feedback form.Today, we’re excited to introduce a brand new batch of user-suggested features that will make life even easier for all of you startups founders, job applicants, and investors.

1) New Integrations with and Workable


You requested, we delivered. Because many of our startups use multiple recruitment tools, we are proud to announce a partnership with HR and recruitment leaders and Workable. We have created a full Applicant Tracking System (ATS) integration with both of the partners.In practice, this means you can now connect your account at the Hub with your Workable or Lever dashboard, and the Hub applicants will be automatically sent to your Workable or Lever ATS-account!Follow the instructions here, to get started.

2) Improved Startup Admin Panel

We've also improved the startup admin panel with a few new features. Most notably, managing your overall recruitment process is now so much smoother, thanks to the following updates:

Automatic Job Approval

No more waiting around! Your job will be listed on our job board immediately after you hit publish - considering that your job post complies with our guidelines of course.


Up-to-date Figures on Your Recruitment

When you first open your startup profile, you can now review all your important job and applicant stats with one glance - and even bulk reject all the candidates you have already screened through.


Optional Applicant Pre-Screening

Our free applicant-screening service is now optional. This means that you can stick with our pre-screening or choose to screen all the applications yourself. You can find the Applicant pre-screening toggle in the job details, under the settings tab.


Share Your Jobs in Social Media

You can now share your jobs with potential applicants with only a few clicks. Just navigate yourself to the job sharing panel, and choose which of your social media platforms or email you'd like to share the job link to.


3) Improved Startup Pages

Thousands of applicants and investors visit the startup pages at the Hub every day. So we want to make the startup pages as clear, efficient, and representative as possible:

Show Off Your Key Figures

You can now add even more key numbers to your public profile. Some of the statistics we now support include yearly revenue, number of nationalities, number of markets, number of users, and number of global offices. You can add these numbers to your profile by editing your page via the startup admin panel.


Show Off Your Investors

You can now also add a list of your current investors to your startup profile. You can add their details to your profile also by editing your page via the startup admin panel. Check out the Swedish superstars Karma and Anyfin for inspiration.


More Features Coming Up, Keep the Feedback Coming

And that’s it for this update! More updates coming up soon, so follow this space. We’re very happy to see our platform grow and improve with each iteration, so thanks to everyone who sent suggestions to help us improve. Don’t forget to let your voice be heard if you have ideas of your own, by sending feedback here.