Teamtailor x the Hub - New Integration Is Here

Teamtailor x the Hub - New Integration Is Here

Judit Alvarez
1 min read


Smooth integration with your the Hub account and Teamtailor. Jobs posted to Teamtailor will automatically be featured on the Hub. What's not to love? - the Hub

By popular demand we have made it possible to integrate your Teamtailor account with the Hub, so your jobs will automatically be scraped and posted to the Hub and our partner network when you put up new positions in Teamtailor. This means that all applications will flow through your Teamtailor ATS.

When integrated, we scrape your account once a day, so expect a 24 hour delay before your jobs are showing on the Hub as well ✌️

The quick and dirty guide

1. Go to your TT account

2. Go to settings

3. Scroll down to “integrations”

4. Click on “API Keys”

5. Copy your API key

6. Go to your Hub account 

7. Go to dashboard

8. Go to settings

9. Under “Teamtailor connection” click “Connect TT”

10. Insert your API key

11. Rock recruitment 🤟

The visual guide

If you’re more for the visual guides, we have made a short and sweet video to show you how it’s done:

The ball is now in your court! We hope you'll love this new integration that will allow your recruiting to benefit from the best of both worlds. If you experience any hassle with it - don't be a stranger. You know where to find us: