The Ultimate Job Ad

The Ultimate Job Ad



Looking for the next addition to your team is the ultimate matchmaking. You want skills & chemistry to be right. And for that, you need to present yourself in your best light.

Attracting the right personality with the right set of skills can easily be done by following a few easy steps and creating an effective job ad at

A) Apply the 1-click application by requesting the applicants’ LinkedIn profile only. By simplifying the process, more applicants will take the time to apply, even the ones who already have a job, and it will also simplify the reviewing process on your end.

B) Details matter, thus, put extra time in describing what you offer and who you are looking for; avoid making the job post too brief — details are important. People want to know what they are getting themselves into. Just like you want to see more than a job title on an applicants’ CV, an in-depth explanation of the requirements and the job itself encourages the right applicants to apply!

C) Personalize it: It’s interesting how the job posts with most applicants all have one thing in common: They are not like any other job post.Sell the job! When creating a job post — regardless if your startup is looking for a marketing guru or a developer ninja — make it personal. Make it memorable.

D) Non-negotiable and advantageous qualifications: be clear in your ad regarding the skills that are absolutely needed and the ones that can be overlooked if everything else clicks. This will help applicants evaluate if the applicant has a shot at being selected and will help us screen the right type of applicants for you.

E) Skills AND Personality: A good set of skills is key, but unless the position you’re looking to fill is remote, there is a big chance you will spend a lot of time side by side working long hours to make your business grow.Do not hesitate to add pictures to your profile and give information about the kind of philosophy and atmosphere you have around the office. That way job seekers will immediately see if it is the kind of environment they want to work in.

F) Style and content: the clothes may not make the man but we like to think a clean set of clothes is a minimum. The same thing goes with your ad. If the content is what matters most, make an effort to keep it clean and easy to read.

G) A Killer job title: let’s face it “Dean of Pizza”* sounds way cooler than “On-site restaurant manager”. This is not false advertisement, in a world of unicorns this is merely enhancing reality. Plus you have a good chance to attract applicants with a good sense of humour.*this title is not even made up.

H) location, location, location: if you have a good location, brag about it.

I) Be transparent: People don’t like to be kept in the dark. Explain the selection process, if the position is paid or not if it is a long term or short term contract...

At the Hub, we screen all your applicants for free to maximize quality and to minimise the workload for you.

Help us help you— put an extra effort in creating the perfect job post and use the tools available: You can choose anything from receiving solely the applicants’ LinkedIn profile to receiving a CV, a motivated message or even a video. Check out all the options and create your next job today — who knows, the next marketing guru or developer ninja might just be one click away!

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