4 Reasons Why Startups Are The Best Workplaces

4 Reasons Why Startups Are The Best Workplaces



In Finland, the startup community has blossomed into a fantastic cluster of diverse startups that are mostly concentrated in the capital area. For example, at Maria 01 you can find a very lively community of over 85 tech startups building the future. We went around and asked some entrepreneurs and their startup team to share their thoughts that working for a startup has its clear perks:

1. Positive Impact

4 Reasons Why Startups Are The Best Workplaces

You’ve probably felt at some point that you want to have a positive impact on what you do. A startup is a great place to start as you will be working together with like-minded people who are thirsty for innovating and changing the world. For example at Selma Finance — an online platform that makes investing easy, you will be part of a team that is changing the way investing is made. Valeria from Selma Finance shared her experience with us:

"The sweetest side of working in ambitious and fun startups like Selma Finance is that you see an immediate impact. It’s not just the product that gets improved every day and that you grow as a professional. The whole industry seems to get an upgrade because of your team’s achievements. Solving big problems together with a bunch of skilled people guarantees the kicks that you might miss in a day-to-day job.I guess you might describe the feeling as a mix of “hygge” and the thrill of riding a roller coaster."Is your CV fully optimized? 400,000 Applications Taught Us What an Effective CV Looks Like.

2. Personal Growth

Personal Growth in Startups

If you’ve experienced being at the same job for years and not getting ahead in your professional career or even worse you feel you haven’t faced new challenges and learned new things — you’re not alone. Being part of a startup team is known for helping you get out of your comfort zone and trying new things. In fact, in small growth companies, you can improve your skills and learn something new constantly. There is no same day at Integrify — a software development center for refugees, and recent immigrants. Daniel told us how it has been working at this startup:

"Working at Integrify is the best ever (okay, maybe a bit biased). Through our work, we get to literally change peoples lives in a meaningful way. The work itself is challenging, rewarding and the learning curve has been steep to everyone in our team — and keeps being so! Our ambition is high, so we really get to challenge ourselves every day. Simply put, we take pride in working towards a better future and having fun while at it!"Are you working on your personal brand on LinkedIn? Learn how personal branding can land you a job.

3. Lack of Bureaucracy

Working in startups

If you are fed up with complex corporate structures, let us recommend working in startups. At a startup, you will benefit from working at a flat organization. If you want to have full ownership of your work and add twists of creativity while receiving trust on the go — join a startup! Päivi at backedbyCFO — a startup offering CFO advice as a service, told us more about her experience:

"Startup-life is a spry journey towards the Goal. It’s living creativity and freedom, disciplined hard-work and perseverance with eyes bound, out of comfort zone. Entrepreneurship is the best I know, wouldn’t switch it to anything."Want to perform better at job interviews? Learn How to Nail Your Next Job Interview.

4. Flexibility

The flexibility in schedules, location, and tasks that working for startups offers you are unbeatable. Of course, working for a startup also means really hard work, but to people with families or students, it is no secret that you have schedule freedom. The startup mentality focuses more on results and doesn't look into detailed hours of work or location. Antonija’s experience at Singa — a karaoke app to be used anywhere anytime, confirms it:

"Working in Singa is a dream come true. I like flexible working hours, sometimes life bends in different directions and being flexible keeps stress away. Singa manages to keep the quality of work high while allowing employees to feel free and truly keep their uniqueness. I am a sole designer which means I am in charge of everything and I get to design something totally new. This helps me grow as a designer and a teammate."

We hope by now we have tickled your sweet spots into helping you take your next dynamic step in your career! To find your dream job today check out all our startup positions at The Hub.